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Celiac Disease

Gluten free signal

Emma was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and of all the diagnosis I think this is the one that flipped us for a loop the most! How do you manage a home with one child who has celiacs and 3 other children? Do you all go Gluten Free? How do you do that? How do you transition to Gluten free with a child who is already SO Picky and sensitive to change? Once we had the diagnosis we went into research mode. Groups for kids? Training for parents? Classes? Kitchen set up? Best foods? Umm.. there isn’t much! I even called 2-1-1 – nada. nothing. zero. How is this possible??

So we talked as a E2L team and decided that yes… this is an invisible disability and this follows our passion & mission of helping parents looking for answers! So stay tuned for some resources and posts of things we are learning in this new world!


**If you would like to contribute to this please email me –  – we would love to get as much as we can compiled into one place!**