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Meet Our Team

Lindsay Bartholomew


Lindsay is mom/step mom to 4 amazing children. Lindsay and her daughter (9 yo) blended families with Dave & his son (15 yo) and daughter (14 yo) and in December 2016 added a sweet little boy to the brood. Their 9 year old has a genetic deletion that causes developmental and medical challenges, this includes Emma's Neurodevelopmental disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder as well as her anxiety and mood dis-regulation. Emma was also diagnosed with Celiac disease June 2017. Their 15 yr old has grey matter heterotopia and is on the autism spectrum; and their 14 year old suffers from anxiety. Dave & Lindsay get through the stress that comes from a blended special needs family with humor and love... and a few meltdowns from the kids and adults along the way!
Lindsay co-founded Utah Easy to Love with the hope that it would create a safe place for families raising children with invisible disabilities. Raising these amazing and unique children can be isolating so creating a community of like minded parents continues to be the primary goal of Utah Easy to Love. Lindsay loves connecting with families, connecting them with resources and most importantly helping families feel supported and understood.

Chrissy Young

Assistant Director

She has been married for 18 years and is the mother of 3 boys ages 13, 10 & 6. Family is her number 1 priority. When she discovered that her eldest son had ADD, Anxiety, Depression & OCD six years ago it really frightened her. As a mom she just wanted to be able to give him the world and have the world love him as much as she did. She would lie awake many nights wondering what to do? Chrissy decided to trust her mommy gut and became her child's advocate. After a friend introduced her to the Easy to Love blog, Chrissy contacted Lindsay wanting to help in any way that she could. She started attending Davis County group and Lindsay & Jen quickly realized they needed backup. Chrissy officially joined the Easy to Love team in January 2012.

Kristen McHenry

Program Assistant

Kristen and Tye have been together 4 years and have three amazing kids. Lauren is 13 and is their lifesaving helper. She is talented with a big heart. Talon is 10 and diagnosed with epilepsy and ADHD and struggles with school. He is a sensitive, smart and kindhearted boy. Saylee is 4 years old and their little mystery. They have finally started the process of getting answers and hopefully understanding of Saylee's complex challenges and behaviors. Kristen is able to be a stay at home mom and manage Saylee’s complex needs and challenges. Being a blended family has added more challenges and they still struggle to incorporate structure and routine in to the home and a firm foundation for all the children to thrive. After Kristen and Tye went through a rough patch and struggled with the overwhelming task of raising a child with special needs they found Utah Easy to Love and found the support and understanding they were looking for. Kristen eagerly jumped in and has been an amazing addition to the Easy to Love team.

Shannon Luckhart

Program Assistant

Blurb coming soon!