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About E2L

SONY DSCUtah Easy to Love was founded by Jennifer Levy & Lindsay Bartholomew after meeting at The Children’s Center in Salt Lake City, UT. After chatting over coffee about our children and their diagnosis, the ups and downs and the similar at home battles we were facing, we both felt so much better. We both were seeking a safe place to talk about the struggle to keep our kiddos regulated, keep our families running and keep our selves sane. We found that even though our children had different diagnosis our paths were very similar. That realization started our search for a support group, somewhere to ask the questions about good pediatricians and Occupational Therapist and meet with people who “got it”. We found out very quickly that nothing like this existed and after months of searching, finally decided to just jump in and start the group. Our first group was held July 2011 in Salt Lake City, since then we have expanded into Davis County, offer family activities, workshops, holiday parties and a parent retreat each summer. Our goal is to create a community for families raising these “Easy to Love hard to Raise” children, a safe place with like-minded people who really understand the day to day struggles.
Easy to Love is thrilled to announce that we have officially become a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and are excited about all the opportunities this will bring to our group. We have plans for expansion into other areas in and around Utah, offer more trainings and workshops and fun free or low cost activities for families.