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A Few of my Favorite Pins…

I am admittedly a Pinterest lover. I have way too many boards, most of which have pretty things I will never do. However, there are a few boards I have that I refer to often both at work and home. One of those is my “Special Needs” board. I often search up different SN topics on Pinterest to see what is new or what is floating around again. Some of specific to special needs, some would be good for all kids including our unique kiddos. So here are my top 5 pins right now, feel free to head over to my SN Pinterest board HERE!

Sensory Diet cards
1. Sensory Diet Cards – What they say: Teach children to regulate their sensory system with these Sensory Diet Cards. The colorful illustrations help children understand when their sensory systems have had “Too Much” or “Too Little” and show easy activities to help them get “Just Right.” What I say: I was always so overwhelmed by putting together a sensory diet, it seemed like “one more thing” we often had good OT’s that would help, but sometimes implementing these things at home was a challenge. These cards are awesome because you can find 1 or 5 that can help your child right then to get regulated. The $26.00 they cost is well worth it! Link HERE

go zen
2. Go Zen – 9 things every parent with an anxious child should try – I loved this article {LINK}. It is a reminder how our kiddos are feeling and how to validate. Sometimes when I am in a hurry or tired, I find myself not always being present and addressing the anxiety. “It’ll be fine”. “Stop worrying”. This article is a great reminder that these are real worries for our children and they need us to understand them. They also have a link to the GoZen anxiety workbook for children, which is on my order list!

Paper Files on a Desk
3. 10 must have documents for special needs parents – I am all about being organized (or trying) when it comes to Miss Em. Even when I am feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, I know I can walk into an appointment with medical professionals, her mental health team or the school and present all the facts and information needed. Making sure you have these documents and have them in one spot is SO important. Link to article HERE.

4. Daily Visual Schedule printable – Making a visual schedule has been one of the best things I have done both for my daughter and so many of my clients. It eases the anxiety, makes them feel like they have some control (even though I am the one controlling the schedule) and just creates a sense of calm. However, many people are overwhelmed by putting it together! THIS handy printable makes it just that much easier… plus they are cute! Which as a mom of a sparkly little girl, is REALLY important!

calm down kit
5. I love calm down kits! I love them at home. I love that they have them at my daughter’s school and I love recommending them to the families I work with. Plus they are such a simple solution that works. What do you put in them? Anything that calms your child! In ours we have spill proof bubbles, bubble gum, and a calm down sparkle jar, a Tangle Jr. & a stress ball. What I love about the article with this pin {HERE} is the visual component, the calming card and how do I feel are something I will be adding to ours. Sometimes these kiddos need a little reminder. This SE teacher has a lot of good posts, both for things that would work at home and maybe something you could get implemented in your child’s classroom!

Stay tuned for more Favorite Pin posts!

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